Fenelon Falls Pharmasave

Fenelon Falls PharmasaveUnique to Pharmasave, each store molds and adjusts itself to the community, and Fenelon Falls Pharmasave is no exception. No matter what your age, from retirement to your first steps, our pharmacy can guide you through your health cares and needs.

Focused on customer service, our store prides itself on providing a unique and friendly experience to its loyal customers, as well as new people travelling through the area. Within a few visits, you’ll be known by name, and reach ‘friend’ status quickly. Just as you want your doctor to know you, would you not want your pharmacist to know you as well? Dealing with your medications and other health needs is that important.

Fenelon Falls Pharmasave pharmacy has been a valued member of the Fenelon Falls community since the 1940’s. A reliable pharmacy, the store has changed hands a few times, and is now owned and independently operated by Phong Tan, owner of the Village Gate Pharmasave location in Bobcaygeon as well.

Our location also has a Walk-In Clinic, available for your acute health needs, or when you can’t reach your family doctor. Come by next time you need assistance about a minor health condition.

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